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Fitness contest in California

aaron and Vicky

 We’re hosting  a fun contest. This event not only helps raise self awareness, but it also will raise awareness for our sponsors across the community. 

However, this event wouldn’t be possible without the support of local companies who provide valuable products and services so that we can support our  participants.
Would you be willing to donate product, gift certificate, and or a service to help make this  event possible? With your donation, we’d be able to attract more people; and advertise each other.

We felt that with so many stuck at home, and with all the Negative news out there… This maybe a positive vibe.  I know for us its been depressing not to have been about to do photography sessions. 


  1.  There will be a 1st and 2nd place for both males and females.  That is a total of 4 people. They must be 18+ of age.
  2.  The winners will be chosen by all the sponsors.  This way it will be a fare vote.
  3. There will be a low Entry fee as many have been out of work due to Covid-19. I also Want to do a “couples” entry special.
  4. We are planning to drop hints on social media for the contest and start accepting entries when California hits stage 3 on state re-opening
  5. We are wanting to do this from Sacramento to Monterey, and San Francisco to  Newman.


  1. If you are a gym maybe you can do a donation of 1 week membership or more.  You may also sale something that you will want to do a donation for.
  2. Clothing lines: If you have a shirt or tank top or something that can support your logo on it
  3. Supplements: Maybe you have a pre-work out or something that will bring some one back to your store.  How about a shaker? Or something with a logo.  A gift certificate?
  4. Coach:  What about a meal plan? or x amount of personal sessions? Something that they will want more of your help with.
  5. Custom Clothing: If you make custom clothing, maybe 4 shirts with all the sponsors or something to help boost what you sale plus the printing on it.

These are just a few ideas.  We are working on more details pending on who we can get for sponsors. 


As of right now:

  1. We will be offering a photo session.   The photo session maybe indoor or outdoor.  In Stage 2 we are allowed outdoor only.  In stage 3 the gyms will be open so we will have more options.  For the location and other details we will not know till we set something up with the winner.  
  2. If you are a clothing line or something that may take a week or two to put together your item or service that shouldn’t be a issue. 
  3. California is in Stage #2 as of 5/24/20 but its looking like we will be in stage 3 soon.
  4. We love feed back.  This is our 1st time doing something like this.  We have in the past done photo contest for a “mini” session and the winner got the session.  This is a larger scale and is hope fully including you.
  5. The photo session could be done indoors, outdoors or even in a studio.  If your a clothing line or something we maybe able to do 2 sessions… 1 for them and 2 just your line / items.
  6. We do want to take prize money out of the entry fee.  so more that sign up the more there is unless or including any prize money donations.
  7. I would love to face time, or call or text or so on if you would like too.
  8. As of 6.1.20 we have Arroyo Fitness, Max Muscle Gilroy, Max Muscle Morgan Hill, LGS (Lets Get Serious (Fitness Apparel)) on board.
Please ask us for what you want!